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The Lover

Movie Overview

"One of the best films of the decade!" -- James Grant, Scene At The Movies

From the novel of the same name -- which has sold over one million copies in 43 languages -- this "sophisticated adaptation of

Marguerite Duras' best-selling memoirs" (Daily Variety) smolders on the screen. Blending "cliff-hanging drama" (Time) with extraordinary

insight and sensitivity, film director Jean-Jaques Annaud has created an original and compelling cinematic masterpiece.

Jane March is mesmerizing in the role of a poor French teenager who engages in an illicit affair with a wealthy Chinese heir (Tony

Leung) in 1920s Saigon. For the first time in her young life she has control, and she wields it deftly over her besotted lover throughout

a series of clandestine meetings and torrid encounters. But though the lovers are able to transcend their differences in age, race and

class...theirs is a future that French colonial Vietnamese society will never allow. "Masterfully acted and beautifully photographed"

(Critics' Choice), The Lover brilliantly captures the essence of sexual awakening and forbidden desire like no other film has done

before -- or since.

*1992 (color)

Approximate Running Time: 1 hours 43 minutes


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