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My Opinion to

"The Lover" (by Duras Marguerite)

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Does she love the Chinese man??????

In my opinion, I think she is deeply in love with the Chinese man; not because of money, it is because of the way they love and the feeling they have. She is willing to tell the Chinese man(the one she thinks she love him for money) about her family, and her sadness, and depress. Although she tells her mother that she loves him for money, but thought her eyes, ever her mother and me, we can feel that she love him more than the money. When her lover married with the other Chinese woman, she feels lost. At end , on the way she goes back to France, she cries and cries. It is because she finally recognizes that she really love him; and also, she loses him too. It is hard to explain why they in love with each other. It may be the sex connecting their love; or they know their love is no future and no promise.

Their love is a tragedy because they love each other, but they can marry.



Why can they marry???????


For the little white French girl

* different culture, her family disagree

- He is a Chinese and her family don't like the Chinese at all.

- If she marry a Chinese man, it will lower themselves, and it is shame.

- Her mother thinks that she should marry a white man instead of a Chinese man.

For the Chinese man

* his father does not allow

* Money is more important than her(the little white girl)

- If he marry with her(the little white girl), he will lose all his money. Money is important to him, without money, he own none. Also, he is no ability to make money by his own.

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