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The Lover ( in text format)

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Avg. Customer Review: ***** (5 stars out of 5 stars) ; Number Reviews: 4


My Personal Comment to "The Lover", December 28, 1998


Duras' writing is easy and simple. You ever find difficult words in her book.

But, in the sentences, it layered invisible and indescribable feeling. When I read through this book, the love between the girl and her Chinese lover is a tragedy(they are in different culture and different class). Duras used the first person view point in the story(the format of the story like a daily), which made the reader to feel more reality. On the other hand, Duras dives deep into the girl's heart. The story involves a large struggling of the girl's life to her family, to her lover, and to herself. "The Lover" is the greater book that I ever seen before. The book is easy to read; but it also difficult to understand the meaning. "The Lover" is a love story and also a logical book.


A shopper from New York , October 29, 1998*****

"The Lover" makes us face our humanity, our souls. I am presently caught up in a fast-paced setting breathes logic. One day, I came across "The Lover" Marguerite Duras. And suddenly I had to pause, as past I buried (tried to bury) all came so alive. Marguerite Duras lived that love in a different historical setting. Hers, the colonial period - the computer age; 70 years difference - but funny the essentials never change. The more you deny it, the more it intensifies. Love unto death. Death is the bridge to the eternal. Love is eternal.

A shopper from New Orleans , July 28, 1998*****

This novel dives deep into a woman's heart and an intricate picture of a young girls love or the unlovable. Her words are haunting, yet simply as the reader is brought to his world of lovers are solely joined together by the mutual desire of flesh. Her enial of her love for this chinese man as brutal as the discovery of her own truth. Altogether, the innocence, the flesh, and denial love is a tragedy that many women can relate to. from Malaysia , July 20, 1998

***** Duras' writing style is undisputably one of the world's finest in this century. Just simple words with creative construction, usage and presentation of sentences. They are so simple, yet layered with so much invisible and indescribable feelings, no words as of today could describe what you'd feel as you're going through the book. Never was there any other writer who could describe and emote with so much sensitivity and beauty. Though "The Lover" is morbid, the struggling innocence of life is so heartbreaking, you can't help but weep without tears as you turn the pages, especially the last few. She has created characters and written a story very unique in emotions and thoughts. She has capably used the characters of the girl and her family as well as the Chinese, to enter deep into our souls, bring out our most hidden feelings, unknown to ourselves, and open us to an entirely different perspective. Such soul-searching is probably something we could never have t! he ability to do, perhaps not even in this lifetime.

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